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Why study geology in Olomouc?

The study programmes offered by the Department of Geology in Olomouc are highly practical and interdisciplinary.

To attain a degree in geology, students are required to take courses in geology and related sciences (e.g. geophysics, geochemistry, petrophysics). They are also required to do courses to prepare them for fieldwork and research in or outside a lab, as well as courses where they can improve their language skills.

Some courses are taught part-time by professional experts and the curriculum is specifically designed for students with a specific interest in environmental geology, environmental science or near-surface physics.

Classes are held in the main, modern building of the Faculty of Science, which provides a very pleasant learning environment. The classes are tailored to suit individual needs and students can benefit from using top-notch scientific laboratory equipment and instruments. Students can also take part in many exchange programmes to study abroad.

So, don’t hesitate. Come and study geology in Olomouc, a university town in the truest sense of the word!