Education and Career

  • 2015: associate professor (doc.), field „Economic Geology“, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Commenisu University in Bratislava, Slovakia

  • 2005: Ph.D., study field “Geological Engineering”, Faculty of Mining and Geology, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

  • 2001: Ing., study field “Geological Engineering”, Faculty of Mining and Geology, VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Educational activities

Lectures and Tutorials

  • Geology of mineral deposits

  • Mineral deposit of the Czech Republic

  • Economic geology
  • Mining methods

Membership in organisations

  • since 2020: scientific board of the candidate national geopark Krajina břidlice (member)

  • since 2019: evaluation panel P210 Geochemistry, geology and mineralogy, hydrogeology of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republiuc (member)

  • since 2017: scientific advisory board of the GSM – Mineral Resources Management journal (member)

  • since 2014: Czech National Geological Comittee (member, chairman)

  • since 2010: Ad Hoc Group of External Scientific and Technical Experts – Geological Exploration of the Interoceanmetal Joint Organization Company (member)

  • since 2008: Czech Geological Society (member)

  • since 2008: Czech Association of Economic Geologists (member)

Research activities

Research interest

  • Geology of the sedimentary basins (including mineralogy and petrology)

  • Carboniferous and Permian stratigraphy of the Bohemian Massif

  • Mineral raw material and energy security and policy


  • Czech Science Foundatuion (GAČR) Lead Agency, reg. No. 22-11661K: Towards integrated stratigraphy of the Late Paleozoic in eastern equatorial Pangea (2022-2024)



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