Daniel Šimíček

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Education and Career

  • 2008–2013: Ph.D., programme „Geologické vědy“, PřF MU Brno
  • 2006–2008: Mgr., programme „Geologie“, PřF MU Brno
  • 2003–2006: Bc., programme „Všeobecná Geologie“, PřF MU Brno

Educational activities

Lectures and Tutorials

  • 2D and 3D modelling in Geology

  • Geological Data on PC

  • Geological seminar

  • Geology 1 (tutorials)

  • Geology 2 (tutorials)

  • Field Practice in Geological Mapping

  • Field Trip in Geology

  • Quaternary Geology

  • Practical aplications of Geology

  • supervisor of Bachelor´s and Master´s Thesis


Research activities

Research interest

  • Sedimentology and sedimentary-petrology

  • Facies analysis and sequence-stratigraphy

  • Quaternary geology (sediments of continental glaciation; loess deposits)

  • Shallow refraction seismics

  • Gamma-ray spectrometry



  • 2013–2015 – post-doctoral project POST-UP II

  • 2014 – Project FRUP – Software processing of geological data“

  • 2015–2016 – team-member of project GAČR GA14-18183S – „Sequence stratigraphy of Devonian bioevents – sea level changes at the transition from greenhouse to icehouse world“



  • Bábek O., Kumpan T., Calner M., Šimíček D., Frýda J., Holá M., Ackerman L., Kolková K., 2021. Redox geochemistry of the red ‘orthoceratite limestone’ of Baltoscandia: Possible linkage to mid-Ordovician palaeoceanographic changes. Sedimentary Geology 420, 105934.

  • Šimíček D., Bábek O., Hron K., Pavlů I., Kapusta J., 2021. Separating provenance and palaeoclimatic signals from particle size and geochemistry of loess-palaeosol sequences using log-ratio transformation: Central European loess belt, Czech Republic. Sedimentary Geology 419, 105907.

  • Šimíček D., Bábek O., Faměra M., Kalvoda J., 2020. Million-year secular variations in the elemental geochemistry of Devonian marine records and a link to global climate and bioevents: Prague Basin, Czechia. Sedimentary Geology 402, 105651.

  • Sedláček J., Kapustová V., Šimíček D., Bábek O., Sekanina M., 2019. Initial stages and evolution of recently abandoned meanders revealed by multi-proxy methods in the Odra River (Czech Republic). Geomorphology 333, 16-29.

  • Bábek O., Faměra M., Hladil J., Kapusta J., Weinerová H., Šimíček D., Slavík L., Ďurišová J., 2018. Origin of red pelagic carbonates as an interplay of global climate and local basin factors: Insight from the Lower Devonian of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic. Sedimentary Geology 364, 71-88.

  • Bábek O., Faměra, M., Šimíček D., Weinerová H., Hladil J., Kalvoda J., 2018. Sea-level changes vs. organic productivity as controls on Early and Middle Devonian bioevents: Facies- and gamma-ray based sequence-stratigraphic correlation of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic. Global and Planetary Change 160, 75-95.

  • Šimíček D., Krulová V., 2018. Petrophysical characterization of loess-paleosol sequence from the brickyard in Litovel. Geological Research in Moravia and Silesia 25, 2, 58-64.

  • Weiner T., Kalvoda J., Kumpan T., Schindler E., Šimíček D., 2017. An Integrated Stratigraphy of the Frasnian-Famennian Boundary Interval (Late Devonian) in the Moravian Karst (Czech Republic) and Kellerwald (Germany). Bulletin of Geosciences 92, 2, 257-281.

  • Weinerová H., Hron K., Bábek O., Šimíček D., Hladil J., 2017. Quantitative allochem compositional analysis of Lochkovian-Pragian boundary sections in the Prague Basin (Czech Republic). Sedimentary Geology 354, 43-59.

  • Šimíček D., Bábek O., 2015. Assessing provenance of Upper Cretaceous siliciclastics using spectral gamma-ray record. Geologica Carpathica 66, 4, 311–329.

  • Šimíček D., Bábek O., 2015. Spectral gamma-ray logging of the Grès d’Annot, SE France: An outcrop analogue to geophysical facies mapping and well-log correlation of sand-rich turbidite reservoirs. Marine and Petroleum Geology 60, 1–17.

  • Bábek O., Kalvoda J., Cossey P., Šimíček D., Devuyst F.-X., Hargreaves S., 2013. Facies and petrophysical signature of the Tournaisian/Viséan (Lower Carboniferous) sea-level cycle in carbonate ramp to basinal settings of the Wales-Brabant massif, British Isles. Sedimentary Geology 284, 197–213. DOI: 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2012.12.008

  • Šimíček D., Bábek O., Leichmann J., 2012. Outcrop gamma-ray logging of siliciclastic turbidites: Separating the detrital provenance signal from facies in the foreland-basin turbidites of the Moravo-Silesian basin, Czech Republic. Sedimentary Geology 261, 50–64.

  • Šimíček D., Bábek O., Leichmann J., 2009. Provenance analysis and gamma-ray spectra of Carboniferous flysch sediments (Bohemian massif, Czech Republic). In: Amorosi A., (Ed.): 27th Meeting of IAS 2009, Alghero Italy, Book of Abstracts, September 20–23, 2009, 169–174. ISBN 978-88-6025-123-7